For Justice's Sake

Episode 3: The Uber Eats Shooting Case & Fighting Arbitration

August 06, 2021 Rod Dixon Season 1 Episode 3
For Justice's Sake
Episode 3: The Uber Eats Shooting Case & Fighting Arbitration
Show Notes

(Podcast name updated to "For Justice's Sake".)

Attorney Rod Dixon discusses how rideshare companies try to avoid going to court.

Backstory: In June 2021, an Uber driver shot multiple passengers of his vehicle, killing one, after a dispute in an Atlanta gas station. In 2018, an Uber Eats delivery driver shot and killed a man outside of his own home. The victim of the 2018 case is now our client.

 With a surprising and tragic rise in violent incidents involving rideshare drivers, it's important to be aware of your responsibilities and rights as a passenger. Even without completely reading the terms and conditions of a rideshare company, by checking the box and using their services you are tied to their arbitration clause.

We'll discuss why big companies favor arbitration over a juried court, and why that may not always be in their favor. Rod also breaks down details of our client's case that explain why victims of rideshare driver assault, battery, or accidents may be able to have their cases judged by a jury of their peers.

We hope you'll NEVER  be involved in a rideshare accident or assault victim, and encourage you to stay informed about the legalities of rideshare violence. We'll continue to seek justice for those who are tragically affected by these incidents, anywhere in Georgia!

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